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Canned Kangaroo for Dinner

Kangaroos are the giants of the marsupial world and true symbols of Australia’s unique wildlife.

There are 47 different species of kangaroos, the Red Kangaroo being the largest and most prominent.
A large male (Red Flyer) will stand 2 meters tall and weigh in excess of 65 kilograms, about twice the weight of the female.
They can clear more than 10 meters in a single hop and reach a speed of up to 50 km/h.

They travel in large groups under the leadership of strongest male (boomer), which dominates its younger rivals by brute force.
The female Red Kangaroo has a beautiful bluish tinge to her fur, which together with her grace when on the move, has earned her the name “Blue Flyer”.

Females usually have one baby annually, which is born after only 33 days of pregnancy. It measures only 2 cm and is totally blind. The newly born, guided only by scent, must find its way unassisted into the mother’s pouch, where it will remain for up to 8 months.

As Kangaroos are able to take advantage of watering holes established by cattle graziers, their numbers have increased dramatically.


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Canned Kangaroo Toy

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